Thick Flannel Cashmere Composite Double-layer Blanket

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Color: Colour1


product information:
Material: polyester fiber (polyester)
Gram weight: 1KG
Pattern: Geometric pattern
Blanket type: coral fleece blanket
Style: modern and simple
Series: Other
Image: Other
1 twist blue, 2 twist gray, 3 twist beige, 4 butterfly beige, 5 striped navy, 6 striped red, 7 striped gray, 8 pineapple grid navy blue, 9 pineapple grid gray, 10 pineapple grid beige, 11PV Cashmere wave pattern, 12PV cashmere lamb cashmere white, 13PV cashmere lamb cashmere gray, 14PV cashmere lamb cashmere black, 15PV cashmere lamb cashmere brown, 16PV cashmere lamb cashmere colorful, 17PV cashmere lamb cashmere blue and green
Fabric material: polyester
Shrinkage rate: 5%
color category: Flower color

Blanket x1