Leather Loafers Shoes for Women Comfortable Slip Orthopedic footwear

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Color: White Sneaker


Shoe Size: US 4 / EU 35

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I really love these

These are pretty comfy and fit well. These shoes are very flexible. I really like these shoes 👟

Nice shoes

light weight and good finishing. when wearing this show more comfortable my foot.. design is very nice.its buy for me but my wife take it... 😆

Very comfortable loving it

Very comfortable loving it

Super comfy.

very good texture. Works as advertised. Super comfy. I’m very satisfied thank you!

love them so much

I thought about sizing up a half and I was right to. If you're a size 8 size up to a 8.5 I bought the ones with a heel too and this is very stylish, I've always wanted brown colored shoes and this is it!! love them so much.

Mancharm shoes are the ideal solution for those who suffer from back, knee and joint pain. Designed by orthopedic specialists, they offer unmatched comfort and support, even after long periods of use.

It adapts perfectly to the foot

Mancharm shoes have been designed to adapt perfectly to your feet, providing a comfortable and secure fit.

It is the ideal choice for women who are looking for footwear that helps them move easily and comfortably without suffering more pain.

Comfort in all situations

Mancharm guarantees maximum comfort for your feet throughout the day.It's perfect for walking, running, exercising, working, and even everyday tasks. Feel light, flexible and enjoy an incredible feeling of freedom.

Instant relief from heel pain, plantar fasciitis and postural problems

Mancharm shoes are the solution for those suffering from back, knee and joint pain, most of which are caused by foot problems. It adapts to the shape of your feet and is a much more comfortable shoe than any other you have worn.

  • Smooth every step of your day.
  • Reduces pressure on the heel.
  • Relieves heel pain and plantar fasciitis.
  • Helps maintain good posture.

The perfect combination of style and comfort in any situation

Social, informal or routine? The three! With different colors, the Mancharm orthopedic shoe is designed to adapt to any situation and be worn in any environment, be it a social event, a casual or routine activity.

Designed to improve your daily life

Mancharm trainers meet a wide range of orthopedic needs, using technology to improve your daily life:

  • Flat foot: additional support for the sole of the foot, strengthening the muscles and reinforcing the plantar arch.
  • Bunion: malleable synthetic leather quickly adapts to the curvature of the toes, providing relief from pain caused by conventional footwear.
  • Spur: with no structures in the heel, it relieves pressure in that area, allowing you to wear the shoe comfortably, even if you have a heel spur.
  • Plantar fasciitis: the sole distributes the impact of walking throughout the foot, reducing pain and inflammation.

Say goodbye to shoes that hurt and squeeze!

Secure your Mancharm Orthopedic Shoes now and feel the difference in every step!


I have bunions, are these shoes suitable?
✔️ Yes! Mancharm slippers are perfect for people with bunions. Its anatomical shape and gel insole relieve pressure on your feet, ensuring all-day comfort.

I have arthritis in my feet, are these shoes suitable?
✔️ Of course! Mancharm shoes are ideal for people with arthritic feet. Its high-tech insole offers cushioning and support, reducing pain and providing greater comfort when walking.

I have sensitive feet, are the shoes soft?
✔️ With high-quality materials and a carefully developed design, Provides a soft and comfortable fit, perfect for sensitive feet.

I have postural problems, can the shoes help me?
✔️ Correct your posture and enjoy a more comfortable walk with the Mancharm shoes. Its ergonomic structure provides adequate support for the arch of the foot, helping to align posture and reduce discomfort during movement.

I have heel pain, are the shoes effective?
✔️Advanced cushioning system that absorbs the impact with every step, providing immediate and long-lasting relief from heel pain.